Hello there, my friends. Thank you, first and foremost, for keeping up with my blog. I’m sorry I haven’t had much to share with you lately, since the new year.

It’s my final semester as an undergraduate. That means the end of a phase of life and the beginning of a transition period for me. I’ve been busy with my Final Year Paper and I’ve been riding an extended trough these past few months after the peaks of my athletic season last year. With employment matters to think about as well, it has not been easy to focus on training and running.

There’s nothing wrong with me physically; I’m not carrying any injury. And I still hope to compete at the highest levels locally and regionally. But it will take some time to return there. So, do stick it out with me because I will be continuing to share my athletic journey here on this blog.

Till the next time (and I promise it won’t take too long), take care and keep up the running.