The OSIM uSqueez Air covers the calves, ankle, and feet, and can provide both strong and gentle massages depending on one's needs.

Yes, those are my legs fitting snugly into the OSIM uSqueez Air, which covers the calves, ankle, and feet, and can provide both strong and gentle massages depending on one’s needs.

I took off my shoes and slipped my feet into a pair of sock covers before sliding them into the boot-like casing of the OSIM uSqueez Air, which I was testing out at the OSIM outlet at ION Orchard.

Running as frequently (six to seven days a week with double sessions on some days) and for as long as I do (up to 20km at once), my leg muscles can get quite stiff and so I was keen to try out the “Reflexology” and “Energize” programmes that were preset on the leg massage device. 

Those two programmes were certainly my favourites of the five preset (the other three being “High Heels”, “Relax”, and “Sleep”) because they provided the strongest squeezes, penetrating deeper into the muscles than the other three.

With wrap-around airbags constricting and relaxing around my feet and calves, as well as rollers underfoot that felt like balls pressing into the feet arches, they were just the antidote for post-run aches and soreness. With the graduated pressure, I could imagine also the increased circulation in the legs and how that would help recovery as toxins are flushed from the legs.

After awhile of “reflexology” and “energise”, however, I admit my muscles started to feel squashed and I was getting de-sensitised to the massages so I decided to try out the gentler modes, which provided a nice contrast.

The OSIM uSqueez Air definitely packs some strength and can provide a good squeeze. As an athlete who resorts mainly to tools such as a massage stick or foam roller, both of which require one to exert some strength or bodyweight for the massages to be effective, the automated OSIM uSqueez Air could be a useful tool to have at home as it allows you to sit back (or even lie down with your legs and the uSqueez Air propped up) while it works its magic.

While nothing, for me, can beat a pair of human hands in ironing out the knots and kinks in one’s legs, masseuses can be expensive to hire, especially if you work out the costs over time.

So, despite the limitations of a machine (for example, its fixed ways of functioning that can diminish its stimulating effect), the OSIM uSqueez Air is something to consider at the cost of S$428 because it readily and repeatedly offers a leg massage in the comforts of home without the incremental costs of a masseuse (though, yes, you still have to pay for the electricity which feeds it).

I know I’ll be looking for one of these after my half marathon next weekend at the OSIM Sundown Marathon.

Retail price: SGD 428
Where to buy: OSIM outlets and www.osim.com

Besides running in the half marathon category at the Sundown Marathon, I am also part of the Sundown with Love movement that seeks to give back to the community. I am raising funds for SportCares Foundation, a charity which aims to improve the lives of underprivileged children, youth-at-risk, people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, and others through sport. You can make a difference by donating here.

The OSIM uSqueez Air

The OSIM uSqueez Air