Singapore Marathon 2012

With the man who ran the marathon in his sister's shoes (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

With the man who ran the marathon in his sister’s shoes. By the way, anyone knows what my bib number means in binary code? (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports. Used with permission)

So the morning started with some drama-cum-comedy. After arriving at a carpark near the Singapore Management University (SMU), my running buddy Devathas was about to change into his running shoes when he realised…that he brought two left shoes!

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Second chance


The Sunday Times (25 November, 2012) feature on marathoners

I have been waiting a year for this second chance at the marathon.

Racing has never been just about finishing for me but to also finish in a good time and position. But, as they say, the marathon’s a beast and it can humble even the most well-prepared of men.  Continue reading

The writing’s on the wall…

You have been chasing that girl but she has been blowing you off; the writing’s on the wall but you have a curtain draped over it.

After five good races in the months of August and September, my body and mind are getting weary from racing. Add to the mix the extra mileage I have had to put in training for December’s Singapore Marathon, I probably am not in the freshest of conditions to race at this weekend’s National Under-23 and Open Track and Field Championships.

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Breaking new ground


Evan “Old Man” Chee and me at the finish line after the race

The venue was Punggol, just outside the MRT station. I was there for the first time as far as I recall. Situated in the north-east of Singapore, and being a southern boy (where Vivocity, Mt. Faber, Labrador Park, and Hort Park are more familiar sights to me than err…what is there in Punggol?), Punggol took something to have me there. That something was the Punggol Waterway PAssion Active Run.  Continue reading

Keeping the faith

Turning up at races always holds some sense of excitement or anticipation. You don’t know who exactly is going to turn up nor if your best self is going to show up during the race.

Going into the 21km race at Run 350, I knew, with Gen Lin and Chee Yong entered as well, it was going to be a tough battle for podium positions. And seeing Ashley while on my warm up, I realised there were more podium-quality runners than there were podium places. And who knows who else was going to show up in the 6am darkness of Marina Bay?  Continue reading

Dare you move above the sun?

Some of the races I have done my best in have been ones I have entered without burdening myself with too much expectations.

One of those races was the Army Half Marathon (AHM) in 2009, which I ended up placing fourth amongst Singaporeans and Permanent Residents with a personal best time of 1 hour 18 minutes 45 seconds.

The 2009 AHM, however, is a story for another day, as I begin to recount yesterday’s 16.8km adidas King of the Road, one week out from the next edition of the AHM.  Continue reading

It’s hard to be loved, even harder to love

The setting sun casted obliquely its golden rays on the trees and buildings lining the roads. And, sometimes, unobstructed by any object in their paths, onto my face they shone.

The sun wasn’t the only thing that was casting its face upon me as I was running along the roads this evening, at just about the time people were beginning to knock off from work. I could also feel the curious gazes upon me of the various men and women waiting for buses to take them home from work at the bus-stops I passed.  Continue reading


I capped off an approximately 90km week yesterday with a 36 minutes 28.82 seconds finish at the Jurong Lake 10km race, placing me fifth in the Men’s Open category and seventh overall (two from the junior category were ahead of me).

With three Gurkhas amongst those ahead of me, that meant I was the fourth Singaporean after Rui Yong, Girider, and my regular running partner Devathas.  Continue reading